Wednesday, November 15, 2006

You didn't wake me.

You have to wake me up if you want my list. DUMMIES! David has not yet had his Crackberryectomy. It's still attached to his hand and his eyes are not allowed to be moved from the screen until he gets through the surgery. We are hoping this will happen before Christmas.

I do not know yet what I want. I do need some shoes though. These would be nice. In a size 5.

Shut up, they are European sizes! My feet are not stumps!! You suck.

I have to think of some more stuff. I don't know what else. Unless you want to give me money, money is always good, I love CASH!!!

I'll post something on David after lunch.

1 comment:

paulz67 said...

Maybe you'd like a cane to help you hobble around on your stumps.