Saturday, November 25, 2006

New Update for the Zardus Kids

Ok a few of us did a little shopping so I need to edit this list..... I also edited Amazon as well..
Highest is for both kids, High is for Sarah, Medium is for Jack and Low is for me (as if you could not tell). Below are a couple of things that Sarah wanted on her list from Santa but they were not on Amazon.

Disney Project and Draw (Target), Bella Dancerella Ballet Home Studio with Video (Walmart), Stats Arcade 7 in 1 Power Glide Multi Game (Toys R Us) , and since she is getting her IPod she wants a Pink IDog Purse and clothes for her IDog.

Jack - anything Thomas the Train, blocks, cars, clothes, etc.

If you do decide to get something off of here please let me know so that I can take it off of Santas list.

By the way Caleighs list is updated on Amazon

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Holy crap, what the shit?