Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hat I Want To Make

The Kristen Hat kit. You can find it here: http://www.beaellisknitwear.com/originals.html

Scorll down to the hat section. I like #2434 for the main color and #4203 for the contrasting color. Or any color combination you like. I also like the Ufserud Hat Kit.

That is all.


Cheryl said...

Okay, Emma... This is EXACTLY why I'm NOT buying you yarn! Neither of those colors (2434 and 4203) are available to choose from. So, I'm buying you a pair of rubber pants instead. JUST FOR THAT!!

Emma said...

Hmm, you're right. That's really weird! I emailed them about it. We'll see...

Emma said...

So here's their response: Thank you for your e-mail.

We have Heilo #2434 and #4203 in stock.

To place an order use the shopping cart on our website http://www.beaellisknitwear.com
Order the Kristen kit, and if you are not able to select the two colors you want, simply write in the memo field your color selection. You can also follow up with an e-mail if you are not able to enter the instructions into the memofield.

All the best.

Bea Ellis

EZ said...

Cheryl, why don't you just buy her a new hat. Everybody wins.

Emma said...

Whatever. The fun is in making the hat, not wearing it. Duh.