Monday, October 29, 2007

Caleigh's Christmas List!

Above is a recent picture of Caleigh for your reference. And here's the list, guys:


1. PSP handheld
2. The Japanese game that Paul has for his PSP
3. A WII
4. Gift cards to build-a-bear
5. Gift card to anywhere
6. Make-up kit
7. Books by Angie Sage, Katherine Paterson, Jacqueline Davies
8. Art stuff
9. Yarn, needles
10. Jewelry from J-Spencer (kid section)
11. Clothes (limited 2, wet seal, arepostale)
1. A knitted stocking
2. M&M'S
3. Push pop
4. And lots of candy and games!!
Love ya!!!
FYI: Caleigh is a size 10/12 Slim in pants – 10/12 shirts.

Brittany's Christmas List!

Above is a recent picture of Brittany for your reference. And since no one had posted it yet, here it is:

Hey Guys. I've been trying to think about what I want this year. I'll probably send more things later with Caleigh's list. But here's my birthday/ christmas list (# 1 is what I ESPECIALLY want)

2) the series of 24
3) Gift cards to: Hollister, American Eagle
4) The Northface jacket (not coat, jacket) preferable pink with grey.
5) Kodak Easy share camera (maybe people can put money together?)

I'll get back to you on more. I'm sending this to my parents too, so you might want to talk to them as well.

Miss yall!!!

Monday Morning Picture

It's been awhile since anyone's posted anything, so here's a fun little pic: