Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Okay, if you don't want to spend a measley 78 bucks on me, I understand. Fortunately I have discovered something that will please both of us...

Drum roll please...

Here is a portable XM receiver that also records MP3s. So, instead of being tied to my car all day so I can listen to the radio, now I can take it with me! Maybe I can even get a little exercise since I can get outta my car! Wow! You'd be extending my life by buying this for me!

Not to mention, you'd be extending your own personal enjoyment by keeping me around a few more years! WOW! That's something to think about... Okay, don't think about it too long.

Just go here and you can keep me around longer for the low, low price of only $300. WOWZERS!

You'd also be my best friend EVER!!!!!!

Now, is this too much to ask for your favorite daughter, oops I mean, best friend! :-)

I wonder who has me..............HUM...........

Well, the joke is really on me, since my secret santa doesn't even check this website.



Emma said...

Ha! Yeah, you're screwed.

paulz67 said...

I think you need a bigger picture. I can't make out all the molecules.

EZ said...

Ha ha. Your secret santa doesn't even know what an internet is.
Also, you might want to re-think that one...it looks like the buttons are drawn on by some retard with a crayon.