Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Crackberry's list

You all know what I mean. You don't have to ask who. Just read the list. And...STICK TO THE LIST!!! David made the list for a reason, he says you better stick to it, or he'll read you an article off his blackberry and you'll be SERVED!! HA!

1. Digital TDS or PH meter, or both. (Something for his fish tank).
2. Harmony 659 (Remote control)
3. Nerf bars for the truck, these are expensive, so I don't recommend buying them.
4. OTA Antenna
5. Work shoes (dress shoes), don't know the size, if you want to get him these, ask me and I'll look.
6. LCD Monitor
7. Outdoor speakers

Okay, his list is entirely too expensive, I know. I don't know what to do about it. I found some stuff on Ebay, just shop around. Who has him anyway??

Oh, this list is good for his birthday too, (December 1st) for anyone that needs an idea. We can all go in on something for him, and get something knocked off his list. Let me know what you think.


EZ said...

Um, yeah...if he wants shoes, you're going to have to buy them for him. Or else he's going to have to wait until a chick gets his name.

Emma said...

So Eric had David, which means Cherly has me, and David has Paul, and Kim has Vince, and Vince has Cheryl, and Bev has Kim. And I'm still not telling who I have!

Emma said...

hahahahaha, I ALWAYS type "Cheryl" as "Cherly". I just didn't go back and correct it that time. Sorry, Cherly!