Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Okay, I haven't seen any posts on this blog in a LONG time! I thought we were going to turn it into our trivia blog.

When is the trivia contest anyway? I don't even know. Mom will probably tell us all a different day at least different times, then be mad when we're not there at the right time! HE HE! What's up with that anyway? I think we should be concerned about it. Strange. Let's see it happened that night with the Zio's dinner, it happened at the other trivia contest at St. Mary's, dinner the other night when Paul waited FOREVER. When else? I'm seeing a pattern.

Anyway, are a few questions. I have the answers HAHAHAHA!!! See who can answer them, no googling. This is PRACTICE!! Who knows when we can practice since we are all SICK! Nice!! CHEATING! For real...

1. What famous document begins: "When in the course of human events....?"

2. What current branch of the US military was a corps of only 50 soldiers when World War I broke out?

3. What president was shot when walking to California Governor Jerry Brown's Office?

4. Who earned infamy for noting "A billion dollars isn't worth what it used to be"?

5. What ethnic group was largely responsible for building most of the early railways in the U.S. West?

Okay, I did get these questions off the internet, so if you google them, you will probably get all five answers in a row. But, don't cheat. And someone else needs to post the next set. I don't care where you get the questions from, we need practice...


Emma said...

I agree, we do need practice. The only question I know is the first one: The Declaration of independence.

And Trivia Night is January 13th. Bev told us to be there around 6. Seating is 6-7, and the competition starts at 7.

Emma said...

Oh, and I think number 5 might be the Chinese.

EZ said...

Odd. She told us to be there at 6:30, starts at 7:15.
I'm guessing #2 is the Marines?
#3 is probably Ford.
Don't know #4 but what an asshole, to say such a thing.

Cheryl said...

You all are correct on your answers, the only one you didn't get was J. Paul Getty....mental note.

Dad might have known that one, but he doesn't know how to use these internets...