Saturday, January 06, 2007

Centennial Trivia

Okay... Here is some Oklahoma Trivia ...

1 - There was only one city in the US that was bombed during WWII. Where was it?

2 -- What is the oldest Chartered town in Oklahoma?

3 - What is the oldest incorporated town on Route 66 and was also the first town in Oklahoma to have electricity?

4 -- What is the oldest park in Oklahoma?

5 -- What town owns the record for the largest Pecan Pie?

6 -- What is a Sooner?

7 -- Where is the tribal capital of the Cherokee Nation?

8 -- There were several things that were invented in Oklahoma -- Can you name 3?

9 -- What is the state moto?

10 -- What 2 states capital city includes the name of the state?

11 -- How many tribal headquarters are in Oklahoma?

Just a few things to think about....


Cheryl said...

Guesses, but no one else has responded.

1.somewhere in Oklahoma.. HEHE I'll guess Midwest City
4.Remington Park :-)
5.I saw this on the news, I can't remember the name, they have a ton of pecans there though!
6.A cheater. They are the people who staked a claim before the gun was shot during the land run. Boomers were people who did not cheat and wait for the gun.
8.Football, Footall, Football. Just kidding, I don't have a clue on this one. Can't even guess.
9.Fry your food and dip it in Ranch.
10.Oklahoma and Iowa? Guess.

EZ said...

You got almost all of them wrong. You stank!! I answered them verbally with Kim here, and got all of them right. Not only did I get them all right, I got some extra right. I rule.

Cheryl said...

Then freaking post your answers a-hole. Verbally doesn't count. Everyone knows that! Besides, half my answers are meant to be smart*ss. BUTT! What are the answers, seriously??

PictureThiz said...

You actually did get a couple right:
1 - Boise City
2 -- Choctaw
3 -- Vinita
4 - Turner Falls
5 - Okmulgee
6 - Originally Indian Territory, the state of Oklahoma was opened to settlers in a "Land Rush" in 1889. On a given date, prospective settlers would be allowed into the territory to claim plots of land by grabbing the stakes marking each plot. A few of these settlers entered to claim land before the official start of the land run; these cheaters were called "Sooners".
7 - Tahlequah
8 - Shopping cart, yeild sign, parking meter, electric guitar
9 - Labor Conquers All Things - Labor Omnia Vincit
10 - Ok City and Indianapolis
11 - 39

Emma said...

What the heck is a yeild sign?